Expressive Arts for Social Justice (CLTE 106) Information Session 1

Time: Wednesday, February 17, 2016 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM PST

Location: CoCo (103 Soc Sci 1)

Explore your creative output in order to inspire community dialogue around social justice stories and ideas. Through discussions, in-class creative exercises, and open studio, students will use expressive arts to deepen their personal awareness and educate themselves and others on social justice topics. Whether or not you identify as an artist/poet/performer/etc., if you're passionate about social justice and willing to push your comfort zone, this class is for you!

Enrollment is limited: Attend an Information Session to indicate your interest and availability, and get registration information.

For more information about the class please contact Wendy at or Amanda at

Feb 17, 6:00-6:30p, Wednesday
Feb 24, 4:00-4:30p, Wednesday
Feb 25, 5:00-5:30p, Thursday
Feb 29, 4:00-4:30p, Monday**this info session will be cancelled if the class fills**